Taka77: Online Casino Review


This article discuss about Taka77 Online Casino Review. Howdy, you ever think about an online place where you could roll the dice or spin some slots? Or bet on your favorite teams for that matter. Well, say hello to Taka77! It is like that humming hive in Bangladesh where you can plunge into online games of every kind and whoop it up. Imagine this: You’re sitting on the sofa with your phone in hand, immersed in a mountain of work.

As you idly flick through Taka77, feeling lucky today? It’s this very cool online casino: the fun just doesn’t stop. Games that make your head spin (in a healthy way, of course). Slots? Check. Live casino action? Check. Oh, and sportsbook too! If you can think of it, chances are they got it. Now, what sets Taka77 apart? First off, getting your winnings? Quick and easy. No fuss. No long waits forever. They even have this cool electronic wallet thing that moves your money for you without you lifting a finger. Moreover, the sign-up process is a snap. Just put in your phone number, and pow! You’re there. Easy-peasy

Pros and Cons


Diverse Game Selection:

Taka77 offers a comprehensive selection of games, from slots to live casino to sportsbook and even esports. There’s something for everyone here.

Efficient Withdrawal:

Fast and convenient withdrawal facilities mean smooth games.

Cutting-Edge E-Wallet System:

In addition, automatic credit transfers are possible with the introduction of Bangladesh’s first e-wallet system.

User-Friendly Sign-Up:

Ease of accessibility: You only need a phone number to register.

Excellent Customer Support:

Taka77 is proud of its customer service, which offers rapid help and efficiently resolves user questions.


Bonus & Promotions:

Taka77 offers a variety of bonuses, but some users may prefer more varied or higher-value promotions.

Overall Ratings:

Trust & Fairness (4/5)

Such an assessment usually reflects the platform’s fairness in games, its observance of regulatory standards and accordance with legal requirements for relevant services, as well as practices which guarantee secure transactions and process user data transparently.

Games & Software (4.5/5)

A high score here indicates a wide selection of quality titles from trusted software suppliers. It may also consider such things as the variety of games, innovation and whether or not the platform can provide a leading edge to gaming.

User Interface (4/5)

A good user interface depends on easy navigation, intuitive design across platforms, responsiveness to different devices and a beautifully designed layout. It offers an important contribution toward the overall experience of using something as well.

Bonus & Promotions (4.5/5)

Value and variety of bonuses are included in this rating. These are aspects such as the generosity of bonuses, their frequency, terms and conditions,and whether they have an appeal to users.

Customer Support (5/5)

A high score on customer support means effective, prompt and considerate acquisition of user understandingand feelingby various channels such as live chat, email or phone.

Safety and Security

Absolutely! Safety and security are like having a lock on your front door to protect what is inside. At the Taka77, they strive to protect your personal information and money that you put in. They employ a special technology to guard everything you do on their site, so that nobody can slip in and steal information or your money from behind. It’s like having your own bodyguard by the side of your account, watching over everything and keeping it all safe.

Game Options

Live Casino

Live casino games usually consist of live dealer renditions of such favorites as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and various kinds of poker. They are played in real time with a human being acting as croupier to provide an immersive experience.


The popular options include genre-based slots in the form of anything from classic titles to modern video games or progressive jackpots. A variety themes, functions and pay lines will attract different kinds of players.


Sportsbooks provide a betting environment for sports fans, featuring competitive odds and various markets on different sporting events.


They are games in which one shoots and catches fish for prize, providing an entertaining interactive form.

Bonus and Promotions

1. Additional 2% Wallet Deposit Bonus

A 2 % bonus is added to your purse-like every time you make a deposit, giving an extra little trimming off of the top with each investment.

2. ৳188 Free Bonus

Upon registration or meeting specified conditions, users are given a bonus ৳188 for free. This gives new users time to explore the platform before putting their own money up.

3. Deposit 1000TK Get 500TK

With this promotion, when users deposit 1000TK they will get another 50O TK to play with. In other words it’s like doubling the cash you put into your account which means more playing funds (not to mention a nicer-looking bankroll!).

4. BBL 50% Daily Bonus

One example is a daily bonus of 50 % on deposits, linked to the Bangladesh Premier League (BBL) or other sporting events — encouraging users to get into the habit.

5. Taka77 100% VIP Slot Bonus

The VIP bonus is for serious slot gameplay enthusiasts. It doubles your deposit amount, lets you play longer than normal and gives you more opportunities to win big so long as it lasts.

6. First Deposit 500TK Get 250TK

When new users or first-time depositors deposit 500TK, they get an extra 250TK on top to play with.

7. Sportsbook First Deposit Bonus 50%

This bonus is aimed at people interested in sports betting, where the balance of your first deposit will be increased by an additional 50 %.

8. Live Casino First Deposit Bonus: 50 %

This promotion is aimed at fans of live dealer games. With the first deposit you can enjoy an additional 50 % on top, which has been specially allocated for playing in live casinos.

9. ৳300 X2 Referral Bonus

There is a referral bonus of ৳300 for every successful user who refers friends to the platform, which encourages users to invite others.

10. Live Casino 20% Daily Bonus

Each day users receive a 20 % extra bonus on deposits for live casino games, encouraging frequent visits and constant play in the live section.

How to Sign Up

  • Go to the website
  • Follow a simple process of registration
  • Use your phone number for verification
  • Click sign up and start playing

Payment Methods Available


In Bangladesh, Rocket is an online payment gateway that ensures secure dealings between users and merchants.


Nagad is a digital financial service in Bangladesh that provides different kinds of monetary transfers, such as payments and withdrawals.


bKash is a widely used mobile financial service in Bangladesh, and provides secure and convenient payment options.


Another very popular mobile financial service provider in Bangladesh is Upay, through which users can conduct many types of financial transactions.


iPay is a secure online interface for the exchange of money between customers and vendors in Bangladesh.


Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) offers banking and financial services including online transactions and fund transfers.

Depositing Funds

It’s very easy to deposit funds into your Taka77 account. 

  • Select your favorite payment method,
  • enter the amount
  • follow the given instructions

Withdrawing Funds

Taka77 guarantees smooth, convenient withdrawal. 

  • Choose the receiving payment method
  • Select the amount you want to withdraw
  • Go through the verification process
  • Get your money

Customer Support

If ever you have questions, or need help while using Taka77, their customer support team is at your service. They are excellent at helping and will answer all your questions. You can contact them all easily through live chat, email and by phone. They’ll try their best to resolve things, whether it involves a small issue or one that needs more help. You should have your problems all taken care of quickly. So, when you need help playing on Taka771You are never alone.

Mobile App Availability

Taka77 may also soon release a mobile app for convenient access, so you can play your favorite games from anywhere. Wait no longer; download the app and plunge into Taka77’s fantastic land of casino games.

Affiliate Program

Taka77 may have an affiliate program set up, where it allows users the opportunity of additional benefits through referrals. Invite your friends to get the most out of Taka77, and also win an easy sum yourself at the same time.


Frequently Asked Questions The site probably has a section that answers most of the questions users might want to ask about the platform, its games, etc.


Taka77 are dedicated to delivering a realistic and safe online gambling environment, providing an excellent selection of games along with generous bonuses for customers in Bangladesh. When it comes to playing games online, Taka77 is like a really great friend. You can put your money down in it, and there are many different things to play like slots or live games. They’re there to help you if ever needed. It’s a great place to just have fun and play around, with no worries. Go for it, and go ape crazy!

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